About Us

What’s so graceful about aging?
If I am being totally honest, “Age Me Gracefully” was born out of many nights waking  up at 3 am and throwing covers off the bed and minutes later throwing them back on yelling, “how can I do any part of this GRACEFULLY?”  While I am doing all of that, my dog stares at me with that look of ‘here we go again.’
After 30+ years of climbing the entrepreneur ladder successfully, this hot flash and endless night thing were kicking my behind. This Southern Chic was at her wit’s end with doing any of this with dignity and grace. I hate to admit that it snuck up on me, but IT DID!   So, here is the significant inside of my story.
By age 25 I had 5 children I was raising, 2 of my own and 3 abandoned by their mother. When the youngest of the 5 started to school, I began my own Home Building & Construction Business. No, that was not my education and in the South, it was a man’s world, but I knew I could do it and I wanted to so I stepped out. The first home I built, there were families fighting over it and it sold for way more than the asking price. Over a span of the next 30 years, I would not only have the honor of being the top female home builder in the state of Texas, according to Southern Living Magazine, but I would go on to open design firms, furniture stores, and a real estate company across Texas, Colorado and in Central America. 
 I even built my own Southern   Diner Restaurant in a Foreign   country that had no idea what   chicken fried steak, biscuits,   gravy or grits were.
 A few years back, I bought a   sailboat online without ever   having sailed before or even   seeing the boat. With a very   short time of training under my   belt, I took off across the   Grand  Bahama Banks and   through many parts of the   Caribbean.  Safely, I might   add.  Smile. Most people   thought I had totally lost it   when they ask me about my   story.  I have hang-glided from   the top of the The Rocky   Mountains in Aspen, Colorado   and jumped out of a perfectly   good airplane at 12,000 ft in   the air over the Ocean in Central America. I have moved myself, along with my dog, to a foreign country and lived there for 3 years where there were no cars and only golf carts. AND YET…
Here I was questioning my ability to navigate this “getting older” time of life and thinking there is no way I am even going to be able to do any part of this gracefully. I mean, come on ladies!  We can be so powerful we can push out an 8-pound baby and for Pete’s sake (whoever Pete is)  do it without daddy stitches. And yet, we have seemingly no control over feeling like we are on fire with our bones burning from the inside out or even why a fire is there.  Also, why do I still work out and continue to have belly blah blah blob? Or, why am I staring at the ceiling every morning at 3 am?  Was it the chocolate the night before, or that 3rd glass of red wine? I mean SHEEZ!
It made absolutely no sense to me what was happening.
  Maybe you’re not   sleeping great either.     And  you might need a   little get along in the get   it on area of your life if   you know what I mean.     So, basically this   brought  me to many   late-night internet   searches, asking and   seeking questions about   how to age with dignity,   respect, and grace.  I   found truly little   encouragement.
 So, ‘Age me Gracefully’   was born. I want you to   know that we should   never give up on the   things that make us   happy—however large   or  small. That glass of   wine in the evening can come from a bottle of unique exquisite clean-crafted wine, that will not bring about a hangover. Our sleep can be peaceful all night long and our skin can achieve much of its youthful health and glow with a few carefully selected products. Our bellies can be flat again, sore joints can be helped, our brain can stay focused with completely natural supplements.  I am here to tell you there is nothing that has to stand between us and a good life.
Let’s change the way we have been taught to think and feel about getting older! Things do not have to break down. Our memory does not have to fail us. And by now we have lived through enough stuff to break us 100 times over, so why let aging be anything but an amazing ride and the time of our lives.
  They say it takes a   VILLAGE to raise kids,   and that is true.  I say it   takes a healthy amount   of the exclusive RED   WINE I mentioned and   GOOD SUPPLEMENTS   to grow old   GRACEFULLY.
 Face it, we are all   wanting to live longer   and more healthy lives,   so come along with me   on this journey.  Take a   look at the ‘Age Me   Gracefully’ website, and   let’s do this second half   together! 



 Holly Haynes, Founder of Age Me Gracefully